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Ranking System, from Survivor to Architect
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17th Jan 2015

How to get the full experience

You may have read about the ranking system of New.Daemon, and it can seem a bit complicated at first -- but I assure you, it's a very easy and linear system once you get to know it. Essentially, the only requirement is making epic builds to add on to the World, but we also try to supply Admin-run quests, competitions, and mini-games to keep things spicy!

~Overview: SURVIVOR (1) -> SQUIRE (2) -> KNIGHT (3) -> LORD (4) -> ARCHITECT (*)



This is where all players start off. Survivors are equivalent to the "Newbie" rank, and are just getting a feel for the ways of the World by striking out to virgin territory and establishing a base. Survivors will eke out a living as is par for new players who have not yet built up resources.

> Original Gift
  *  Wood Pick
  *  Wood Sword
  *  Bread (x5)
  *  Coal (x10)
  *  Torch (x10)
  *  Stone Brick (x30)
  *  Wood (x30)


Once you have established a steady base of operations, you can apply to become a Squire. Squires are equivalent to the "Recruit" rank, in that this rank is the prepping stages for knighthood. If a Squire is in need of tutoring to pass Knight's Inspection, s/he may find a player of Knight's rank or higher to squire under.



To become a Knight, equivalent to a "Regular", you must pass the Knight's Inspection. This entails constructing a Manor, which is an area of land under your control. Generally, you must have established control over at least one entire biome, and have participated in some server events, mini-games, etc. Once you reach knighthood, you can participate in quests for prize and adventure.

> Entitlement
  *  Title ( "Sir" )
  *  Diamond Armor + 1 enchant per piece
  *  Armor Stand
  *  Weapon + 2 enchants (named)
  *  a HOUSE, under the Knight's own banner
  *  a KNIGHT'S BOUNTY, 1 Beacon ( = 9 Gold Blocks ) every month



Lords are essentially the "Veterans" of the server, and this rank will be awarded to Knights who have expanded their Manor to include respectable outposts in other lands and who have participated admirably in questing, mini-games, and events. Lords are given access to the warp ability, allowing them to fast-travel to designated locations across the worlds.

* Title ( "Lord" )

> Nobleman's Bounty (per month)
  *  Iron (x128)
  *  Wood (x128)
  *  Rail (x96)
  *  Powered Rail (x16)
  *  Stone (x128)
  *  Diamond (x16)
  *  3 Beacons ( = 27 Gold Blocks )



The Architects make up the "Admins" and "Mods" of New.Daemon. Admins have Creative abilities, and work constantly to add to the World in all sorts of different ways. We are not accepting Admin applications, but the Mod position will be considered for all Lords who have gone out of their way to assist in the server's growth and community.

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