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  • 24/7, mininal-to-none downtime
  • Minecraft 1.7.9 - 1.7.10
  • Survival (SMP)
  • Open-world RPG
  • Spigot, Essentials
  • In-game economy
  • Dynmap World Map 1.9.4
  • Rail System
  • A world rich with lore and adventure


1. Do not disturb other players' builds or their claims.
2. Be cool. Be mature. Be respectful.
3. Check map, stay in bounds.


How do I achieve higher ranks and privileges?
To rank up in the server, you will need to complete certain tasks like establishing a name for yourself and passing the Knight's Inspection. To see a full description of ranks and achieving them, please check out my forum post.

How do I get Creative Mode / Mod / Admin / etc.?
These are specialty privileges that will not be earned through regular ranking. These are reserved for the most veteran members of the server only.

What do I do if I have more questions?
You have a few options! First, you can join the server and chat with anyone who may be online. Or, you can check out our Dynmap and chat with anyone currently online using the built-in chat feature there.

Also, you can go to our forums and post a question in the appropriate subforum. Finally, you can send me (stupidoctopus) a direct message here, on MinecraftForum, and on PlanetMinecraft.

Bulletin Board
News, announcements, rules, etc.
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Origin Camp
For all the new, interested members to get introduced.
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Guild Tower
Find work here, or post for help wanted.
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Redstone Factory
Anything and everything relating to the wonderous working of Redstone!
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Overglen Galleries
A discussion of style and art in Minecraft.
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The Cozy Cobra Inn & Tavern
Kick back next to the fire with a drink in hand and discuss whatever strikes your fancy.
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